Thursday, 20 October 2016

Freedom Fighters 3 Free Download Full Game

Freedom Fighters 3 is going to be the latest and most expectedly the last version of the freedom Fighter third person shooting video game series. As of previous editions, it will also be available for free download and anyone would be able to play it in both single player and Multiplayer gaming mode. Critics say that it will be made for multiple platforms like Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Like other editions of the series its setup will be easy to install and it will have a lot of features.

This full PC game will be the sequel of the most anticipated game Freedom Fighters 2, it is expected to be even better than that. Electronic Arts will develop it as they did the previous games of the series, but it seems like Sonic will be publishing it. As everyone expects that it will have better graphics and sounds than any other game currently being made so it does not seem like EA will provide the free version of it, but don't loose the hope everyone will be able to download a Demo.

The gameplay will start from the events where FF2 ended, ff3 will continue all those events and stories and the fighting among invaders and soldiers will start again as they will head towards more places to regain them from the terrorists. From previous games, we all know that they were based on the fighting among the army who invaded America and then common people start to resist them and intend to throw them back from their country.

It is because of the success of Freedom Fighters 1 Free PC game that developers are planning on to develop these newer versions. That first game had quite a fame and people loved it and demanded to be provided with by a new game. The first version was not featured with online gaming mode, but the last edition of the series was added up with this feature as well so we can look forward to having even a better game in shape of FF3.

Some Other PC Games

  1. Youtubers Life
  2. Dota 1
  3. WWE 2K15

Expected System Requirements FF3

Processor Speed required would be 3.0 GHz
RAM Size needed might be 4 GB
Good GPU memory would be needed
DirectX needs to be installed

Details for Freedom Fighters 3 Download

License would be Shareware/free to play Demo
Developers: Electronic Arts
Download Size in unknown

NOTE: Links for setup of this underdeveloped PC game is not available, so the button below will redirect you to the page where you will find a link for the setup of Fighters 1.

free download freedom fighters 3 PC game

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Free Download IDM 2017 Full Version

IDM 17 is a short form of Internet Download Manager 2017 which is released for free download as a latest and advanced most version of a famous downloader. You can get its offline installer or standalone online setup, the choice depends on you. IDM is mostly being used on Microsoft Windows operating system, but other versions for Android and iOS are also released. It is famous for being the best downloading manager of all times as it provides its users safe and secure platform to download various software, PC Games, Videos (from Youtube and other videos websites).

It has separate editions for 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems, you should know your mode of operating i.e. x64 and x86 before getting setup for this software. It is even good for your larger files as it divides such files into smaller parts to make the process quick and secure. It is famously claimed that you can get anything 5 times faster when you have Internet Download manager, it is actually right because this software really speeds up the process by breaking the particular files into different parts. It really helps the users who have a slower connection at their PCs.

Internet Download Manager 2017 Free

Internet Download manager 2017 enables you to enjoy a lot of features, it gives you the ability to pause and start the process whenever you want to, this feature is not available in other downloaders or managers available in the market for free. As you can see the interface snapshot in the above picture, you can check out various facts about the files being downloaded. The total size of the file is at the top below which you find how much data is already on your system. The rate (in KBPs) of transfer and the time left for the process to be completed is also given in this interface.

Using Some of the other features of this amazing software, you can set the limit to the speed if you do not want it to use all the speed of your connection. Also, you can set the options for what it have to do with it on completion of the process. Auto-updater of this software informs you about the update version of IDM and installs it online whenever you allow it to. Other similar products like DAP and Tubemate Lacks these particular features which make this software better than those in many ways.

Features of IDM 2017

  1. Faster and protected downloading of files of almost every format.
  2. It is an interactive software but gets a link from any web page.
  3. Uses very less memory and works efficiently.
  4. It is a multilingual software with more than 10 Languages.
  5. Have very friendly user interface that helps users a lot.

Free Download IDM 17 (Details)

Licensed: to be used as a trial of 30 days
Developers: Tonec Inc
OS: Windows 8, 10, 8.1 and 7

NOTE: If you want to download the full version of this Internet Downloading Manager, you will need to purchase its serial key. No Crack or such tricks works any longer, but wait! if you want to check it for the first time just click the button below and get your own trial period for this product. On clicking the button your setup file of .exe format will start downloading automatically.

Download IDM 2017

Friday, 14 October 2016

Free Download Youtubers Life Game

Youtubers Life is a Simulation game which is released for Free download for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux. This simulation video game was developed by a company name U-Play online which is an independent company from Spain. Everyone can enjoy it by downloading the full version of this PC Game easily as it is released on Steam. This Upcoming daily-life and Business game was released Online in year 2016. Mostly this game is loved by the business tycoons and people who love to keep subscribing you tube channels, but everyone can play this game as it is not made to target only limited area of type of users. The demo version of this game was available for free download even before this games was officially released online, and people craved for full game as demo had made them curious about it.

In this famous PC game the player can be a Youtube Video Blogger and has to increase the fan club for his you-tube channel. Youtubers Life Free game is an amazing video game as it provides a platform for the player to build the career of a you tube personality. This game uses simulation engine just like American Truck Simulator, when the game starts the player gets 500 youtube subscribers and then he have to increase these followers to make himself an ultimate successful Video blogger. The player can customize his own character and then he can start from creating a new video by shooting it in his room. You can make whatever kind of video you can and then you can upload that video online for your best subscribers. Simcity 5 was one of the free games that has quite a liking of this full PC game. The gameplay of this amazing game is very amazing and everyone needs to play this game.

Youtubers Life Best Features

  1. User can create characters of his own choice.
  2. You can edit and create videos online.
  3. Grabbing attention of you-tubers and increasing fans.
  4. The game has an awesome interface.
  5. You can simulate your character to be the world's best video blogger.


life of youtubers free pc game
youtubers life download free

Youtubers Life PC Game System Requirements

Processor Speed must be 2.4 GHz
You need RAM of at least 2 GB
Hard Disk Space of 3.2 GB is required
OS can be Windows 7 or Win 10
You would need DirectX to be installed

Youtubers Life 2016 Free Download Details

Size: Unknown
Developers are U-Play Online
Licensed to play Demo

NOTE: You can play this free PC Game by downloading it in full version, just you need to click the button and proceed to purchase this game from the Steam. As no demo or freeware version is released by the developers. You can also play this game online on your iOS iPhone or iPod, for that you have to click here.
free download youtubers life game

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Free Download Halo Combat Evolved PC Game

Halo Game series is considered one of the most fabulous series in the gaming world, All the games from this series have unmatchable features and excitement. Halo Combat evolved is the first ever game of the series and did a fine contribution to the success of this famous Science fiction Military first person shooting video game series. Being the first version of the series Halo 1: Combat Evolved was released only in full version to increase the fan club, it is still available for free download. This multi-platform game was developed for platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Mac OS, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. You can Download Halo Combat Evolved for free and install it on your PC to enjoy the finest shooting video game from the last decade.

Halo Combat Evolved was developed in the year 2001 when there were only few science fiction games in the market. It took the gaming world by a great influence and was acknowledged as a great game by the people around the globe. This FPS game has both Single and Multiplayer gaming modes and it can be installed on any of your operating modes of Windows PC i.e. x86 & x64. It was published by Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie holds the credits of developing this great game. Like all other First person shooting games, this game also focused on combat in a 3D environment which is to be viewed from a character's eye. Unlike Half-Life and DFX2 which are of the same genre, the player is equipped with a shield having certain kind of energy that keeps the player saved from all kinds of fire and weapons impact of the enemy. The charging of this shield may get lower during the game and for that, you will have to keep the character safe from every kind of fire for a while.
halo combat evolved gameplay
The gameplay of this free PC Game is amazing, you can control a large variety of Armored jeeps, vehicles, Aircraft and hovercraft that are featured in the game. Whenever you control anyone of it the game will be switched to a third person view as of in the racing games like NFS 3, Midnight Club and Road Rash. The main enemy in this game is a group of Aliens mostly Elites which have almost same defense shield as of the characters own or grunts which are unable to resist in the absence of Elites. Other enemies could be Jackals (Space pirates) and Hunters.
halo combat evolved menu
While Player Multiplayer mode of Halo Combat Evolved, you will get a split screen where you can play with other friends. Different kinds of competitive modes are available in this Halo's Multiplayer, this game is not good when it comes to artificial gaming bots because not much work had been done on Artificial intelligence till the time it was released. Multiplayer game is packaged with the full download of Halo Combat Evolved, you do not have to install it separately. After Three years of success of this edition, Developers later released a custom edition where you can customize everything in the game.

Halo Combat Evolved System Requirements

You need a Processor speed of at least 2.0 GHZ
RAM must be of more than 1.0 GB
VGA Should be 128 MB
DirectX must be pre-installed
Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard & Speaker etc

Halo Download Details

Licensed as Free to Download Demo
OS can be Windows 7 or Win XP
Developers are Bungie
Size of Setup is 132 MB

NOTE: After clicking on the button below your file will start downloading automatically and if it does not you should reload the link. The file you will have downloaded is a setup for the Demo of this game, developers do not authenticate any other platform other than themselves to offer the full game as a free download.
free download halo combat evolved

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

AVG Antivirus Free Download Full Version

AVG Antivirus is doing quite well if compared to the other products from the market, it is one of few Free antivirus available for Download on multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. AVG Antivirus software is named after the name of a company named AVG Technologies which was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic, this company holds the credits of developing this amazing free anti-virus for Windows and all other operating systems. This software ensures the protection of your PC from all kinds of attacks, it makes sure that your files and data are secured from any kind of Spyware, Malware or any other suspicious attack. Apart from this it also keeps scanning your system and keeps on removing all those files which may affect the speed, performance, and accuracy of your PC. You can Download this Anti-Virus for both 32 -Bit (x86) and 64-Bit (x64) modes operating systems.

AVG Technologies do not only support antivirus software, this company has also developed other products to increase performance and speed of your PC. Other products developed by this company help its customers to surf the internet with security. You can Download all those freeware and shareware products from AVG's official website. Mostly all their products are offered in Trial versions and after that, you can purchase the license key for particular software according to your needs. PC TuneUp, Internet Security, and AVG Ultimate are used more than all other software. Stats shows that people download these three free software more than other products of the company. Basically, AVG is abbreviated for Anti-Virus Guard this software helps you keeping your internet browsing safe and secure, it scans every link you intend to open.

Ever Email that you open from your PC, or any browser extension you are going to add to your browser, this full version software will keep an eye on everything that may become a reason for a harm to your computer system. Using the driver updater, that you will download along with the original software you will be able to keep all your necessary drivers updated this feature is not free you have to purchase it or it will keep showing messages informing you to upgrade your software. PC TuneUp is also what you Download with your Package, this feature keeps the optimal settings of your system and speed up the performance of the system by removing unecassary and harmful files. This Antivirus software will also inform you if you unintenionally try to download any malware or spyware file or tool.

AVG Antivirus ScreenShots

AVG Full Download Details

Size of Setup is 3.2 MB
Developers are AVG-technologies
OS can be Windows 7 or 10
Licensed for Trial period
Version is Latest (2016)

NOTE: Once you will click the button placed below, downloading of setup will be started automatically. If it does not starts you will have to repeat the process. It will be freeware version you will get as full version needs to be purchased.

Download AVG antivirus for free

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Free Download WinRAR Full Version

WinRAR has become quite an essential software for every computer these days, it is a compression and data archiving tool which was released to be used on Windows operating system. It is available for free download in full version and is being demanded around the globe. Hundreds and thousands of people download it daily for free as they need a tool which can compress their data concentrating on ZIP and RAR file formats (as these two formats are being used on large scales). WinRAR is a tool that is used to compress and archive data, people use it to decrease the size of their files so that they can send or receive it from one place to another. Most often it is used as the Trial version but now it is also available in full version and you can have its setup easily. It supports both 32-Bit and 64-Bit modes of operating and is being provided separately.

WinRAR compression and archiving utility are known for its precise, effective and space saving compression operations. It encrypts and decrypts all your data and information in it, unlike other similar tools of the market it does not have special Wizard mode which makes operations quite difficult for users. It was released with very friendly user interface making compression and archiving easy. It is not only made for Windows you can search it for Android, iOS, MAC and Linux operating systems, but developers claim that they mostly receive the download request from Microsoft Windows Users. Both x86 and x64 versions can archive 8600 Million of Gigabytes. It is compatible with RAR and ZIP File formats and is able of unpacking formats like CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, BZ2, 7Z, UUE and Z archives.

Free Download WinRAR Full Version for Windows
Free Download WinRAR for Windows

WinRAR Download Details

Download Size is 3.0 MB
Licensed as Shareware
Developers are RARLab
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10

NOTE: You can download this full version software for your Windows just by clicking the button below, the process will start automatically if it does not refresh the page that will open on clicking the button. Remember to check the operating mode before clicking.

WinRAR 32-Bit x86

download winrar x86

Win Rar 64-Bit x64

free download winrar x64

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Free Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Download

PhotoShop CS6 belongs to the famous series of photo editors which is developed by Adobe, It is one of the most decorated photo-editors that is categorised as raster graphics editor. Mostly it is available in a trial version for the users who do not wish to pay for it, they can download a free version that ends after 30 days of usage. Raster Graphics editors are those special kinds of software which enable the users to create and edit various types of graphics designs, further, they allow them to save their files into a number of formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF etc. Many people who download its free version just to try it out ends purchasing its full version to keep using it. Adobe Created PhotoShop CS6 for Windows and MAC OS using C++ language.

An Extended version of photoshop CS6 was also released with advanced features that enabled both professional and learning users to increase grip on their production. The full version of this software is being used around the globe and people are using it for better work. It receives more than half a million downloads every month which make it clear that this edition of Adobe graphics editors is no less than any other. It can be used for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating system and it is available in 26 various languages of the world to benefit the users of all types. As of previous versions, it also creates a .PSD format file while working on a project, later you can save the photo in whatever format you want.
Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Free Download

This picture above show the interface of Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended with all its tools and features, this picture shows you how detailed editing you can do using this amazing software. Developers offers many plugins for this software you can download and install them when required, all the plugins are available for free on the official website of the Adobe. This software is much more famous than Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Corel Draw, Sketchup and Premiere Pro. Various kinds of tools can be seen on the interface of this software, tools like Pen tool, selection tool, shape, measuiring and navigation, slicing, croping, moving, marquee, Lasso and magic wand.

Download Details of PhotoShop CS6

File Size is 30 MB
License: Trial Version
Developers are Adobe

NOTE: The link below will allow you to download trial version of this software, click the button and you will be redirected to the page from where you can get its setup easily.

download adobe photoshop cs6