Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dead to Rights 2 is an Action PC game which is available for free Download and the setup is Highly Compressed and can be easily played. It can be installed on Microsoft Windows gaming platforms, it was developed by Namco and was published by Electronic Arts (EA). The full name is Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Play and it is actually a Third person action video game.

It has a single player gaming mode and was also released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The prequel of this amazing game had received a very good response from users all around the world. Demo version is free but if you wish to download the full edition you will have to purchase it. DTD II has an amazing gameplay which attracts gamers from all kinds of genres.

dead to rights 2 download pc game

This game starts when a judge who has a well-reputed career in judiciary unveils a city-wide crime syndicate. After this, he gets kidnapped and the main character whose name is Jack has some family relations with the victim of kidnapping. Jack's father and the judge were friends so the cop goes for the hunt of kidnappers with a large force of cop.

Jack and his dog named shadow gets struck among a mob of the enemy so they have to fight with them to get rid of the danger prevailed on them lives and also to break the crime syndicate. Blanchov a Russian Criminal lord murders the judge and also kills Jack's girlfriend, so he is up for revenge from Blanchov. After losing Ruby the main character goes mad and intends to finish the mission as he does not have anyone to live for anymore.

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System Requirements of Dead to Rights 2

Processor Speed must be more than 2.1 GHz
RAM Size must be more than 1.0 GB
No External GPU is needed
VGA memory should be at least 512 MB
DirectX is required

Dead to Rights 2 Highly Compressed

Download Size: Unknown
Platform: Windows
Developers: Namco
License: Demo Version

Note: The developers do not allow to provide the full version so the link of demo version is given below for download, click the link and enjoy one of the best action games ever made.

dead to rights 2 highly compressed free download

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a beat em' up video game which is available for free download in full version. It was developed in the year 1993 by Capcom which is a Japan-based gaming company. It is an Arcade Single player mode game which is famously known as Kyouryuu Shinseiki. You can Download it for your PC gaming console as well and can play it on Windows 8, Win 7. Its free edition for Android in APK file is released for users.

This Side scrolling beat em up was developed on the comic book series named as Xenozoic Tales, it is associated to the Animated TV series which was being aired in the year it was released. It has a Co-op mode in which three players can play at once and their objective is to keep their characters going by killing different kinds of enemies. Online edition is available for gamers, they can play it online . Anyone can easily get its setup for their Android Mobiles.

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game
The player is allowed to choose among four different characters which have their own unique power, they also have some weaknesses but the player can use their strengths in such a way that they can go on to win against their enemies.

JACK, Hannah, Mustapha, and Mess are those four chooseable characters, ancient giant animals too appears in the gameplay but they are not on either of the sides they can attack you or your enemy their attack can not be judged.

During a game-play you can find various kinds of weapons, explosives, firearms and weapons to do melee. All these weapons can be used against the enemy to kill them. Full version of this free beat em up is amazing and is just like Contra, Team Fortress 2, War Shogun, and Bomberman.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 and 8
RAM: 128 MB
VGA: No External GPU memory is needed
HDD Space: 0.30 GB
Processor Speed: 1.8 GHZ

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game Download Details

License: Free to Play Demo
Version: Latest
Size: Unknown
Developers: Capcom

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game

Thursday, 24 November 2016

DriverPack Solution 2017 ISO is the latest addition to the series of tools which are helping users all around the world to search and download all kinds of drivers automatically. This free software ultimately fulfills all your needs, previous versions of it are helping every kind of users and have been proved best by its clients. DRP 17 works best when you Download it in full version, it can be installed both Online/Offline at your Microsoft Windows OS and MAC OS X.

DriverPack Solution 17.7.6 is the latest most version you can install for free, it will automatically update every type of Sound, video and other drivers for your PC. Missing Drivers and others which need to be updated for better performance of the system can also be installed using DRP 2017. It comes as an ISO File which you can download in offline Torrent or you can get it as a standalone online installer.


This package comes up with all kinds of drivers and files needed to run Audio, Video, LAN, Modem, Printer, Scanner, Fax Machine, Wifi Wireless, Bluetooth, Joystick and every other hardware devices you need to add to your computer or workstation for use. It supports almost every vendor company's product, some of them are HP, IBM, Intel, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Realtek, Samsung, Epson, Apple, and Asus.

Keeping your drivers updated helps you in running many kinds of software and applications like MS Office 17, Adobe PhotoShop CS6 and PS4 Emulator. It has a much similar interface with the previous editions and versions of the series of software like DRP 15 and 16. This software has ultimately helped users a lot in many ways and has proved its worth to the clients.

DRP 17 Free Download Details

License: Free to Use
File Download Size: 17 KB
Setup Size: 12.55 GB
Version: 17.7.3

NOTE: After clicking the button below you will get a torrent file downloaded which you will use to get your full setup easily. The file is uploaded by the developers and they are seeding the torrent themselves.

free download drp 17 full version

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Office Starter 2010 developed by Microsoft is one of the best and most powerful office suite available for free download, you can get its setup in full version and can install it online at your Windows operating system. Free Microsoft Office Started 2010 is available for download on both types of operating modes (x86 & x64) i.e. 32-Bit and 64-Bit. This tool is being used on a large scale and people are installing it on their Windows 7, Win 8, iOS, Android and MAC OS X devices.

This new software is packaged with MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS Outlook, you can use any one of them very easily. All of these tools are now made more useful by adding more features to them and making them user-friendly. This application was completely available to the users back in the year 2010 as a trial version.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter for Windows has many new features which make it far better than other suites like MS Professional 2003 which was actually the very first licensed version of the series of this software. After this latest most full software many others have been released whenever some features were required to be added the latest most of them all is 2017 edition.

Previous edition 2007 version was not able of providing as many facilities and ease to the common user which became the main reason this software was developed. Autosave was introduced for the first time in this product, before that every document needed to be saved after some time. A feature that allowed the users to read and edit PDF format files was also introduced in this product.

The main enhancement was made in the memory consumption, this edition uses far much less memory of the computer and hence is more efficient than its predecessors and successor versions. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is easy to download and install, you can also save your files and documents online using it and can retrieve from anywhere. You can view all your .pdf format files just like Foxit PDF Reader.

It has a better grammar checking feature, it will find out all the errors and ask you if you want to correct them. More precise counter for counting words, characters and showing other parameters has been introduced in this latest tool. It supports many languages from various regions of the world hence it is a multilingual free product for Windows PC.

Free Download MS Office Starter 2010 Details

License: Free to Use Trial
Developers: Microsoft
Download Size: 2.0 MB
Platform: Windows 8 and 10

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free download ms office starter 2010

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Microsoft Office 2017 is available for Download in ISO file Format, its is released in full version for free and has been added up with a lot of new improved and enhanced features of all kinds. MS Office 2017 can be used on various platforms including Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. For Windows Operating system this new free tool is compatible with both 32-Bit(x86) and 64-Bit(x64) modes of operating.

ISO File of this new powerful tool is open for the general public users, there are four types of editions that come with this full software and those four are HOME, STUDENT, PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL PRO. These editions target 4 different kinds of users as clear from the names of the editions. You can also download and install this software by using its online installer or updater which needs an active internet connection.

Microsoft Office 2017 Free ISO Download

In Microsoft Office 2017 you will get enhanced software like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Excel, Access and their features are also improved. It helps Students, professionals, people who have a lot of work to do on computers. It enables users to freely create and edit all their documents and provides them more control over documents. This edition has even better features than Office 2016.

You will get thousands of fonts, styles, and languages and can use any of them when desired. Even languages which were not added in any of previous versions are also added in this latest version. Users can view PDF file formats without having and PDF software. Even you can view files from Urdu Inpage can not edit them. There was a time when most people loved to download install and use MS Office 2003 Professional Edition but now this latest free versions rules the market.

MS Office 2017 ISO Features & Overview

This latest suite is basically a well customized and better version of some of the previous suite made by Microsoft. Many of features are incorporated from MS 2007 2010 you can download that version as well to distinguish among the features of both tools and you will find that this free tool is far better than those of previous but almost depicts the same features.

office 365 downloading

2017 Mobile version makes it possible for you to edit, view, and create all your documents on your smartphone. It was not possible in the previous times and you had to have a Desktop PC to complete the task but now the things have got advanced you can do it from where your handy devices. Also, you can upload the files to your account and can access them by logging into any device you don't need a backup of your files and documents, this feature is called Synchronization.

Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Download Full Version

Developer: Microsoft
License: Free to Use trial
Size: Unknown
OS: Windows 10, 8.1
Setup: ISO File Format

NOTE: Click the button below and a new page will open in the new tab where you will find a try now button click it and after login, you will be able to download the free trial period of this amazing tool.

free download Office 2017 ISO full version

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Freedom Fighters 3 Free Download Full Game

Freedom Fighters 3 is going to be the latest and most expectedly the last version of the freedom Fighter third person shooting video game series. As of previous editions, it will also be available for free download and anyone would be able to play it in both single player and Multiplayer gaming mode. Critics say that it will be made for multiple platforms like Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Like other editions of the series its setup will be easy to install and it will have a lot of features.

This full PC game will be the sequel of the most anticipated game Freedom Fighters 2, it is expected to be even better than that. Electronic Arts will develop it as they did the previous games of the series, but it seems like Sonic will be publishing it. As everyone expects that it will have better graphics and sounds than any other game currently being made so it does not seem like EA will provide the free version of it, but don't loose the hope everyone will be able to download a Demo.

The gameplay will start from the events where FF2 ended, ff3 will continue all those events and stories and the fighting among invaders and soldiers will start again as they will head towards more places to regain them from the terrorists. From previous games, we all know that they were based on the fighting among the army who invaded America and then common people start to resist them and intend to throw them back from their country.

It is because of the success of Freedom Fighters 1 Free PC game that developers are planning on to develop these newer versions. That first game had quite a fame and people loved it and demanded to be provided with by a new game. The first version was not featured with online gaming mode, but the last edition of the series was added up with this feature as well so we can look forward to having even a better game in shape of FF3.

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  3. WWE 2K15

Expected System Requirements FF3

Processor Speed required would be 3.0 GHz
RAM Size needed might be 4 GB
Good GPU memory would be needed
DirectX needs to be installed

Details for Freedom Fighters 3 Download

License would be Shareware/free to play Demo
Developers: Electronic Arts
Download Size in unknown

NOTE: Links for setup of this underdeveloped PC game is not available, so the button below will redirect you to the page where you will find a link for the setup of Fighters 1.

free download freedom fighters 3 PC game

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Free Download IDM 2017 Full Version

IDM 17 is a short form of Internet Download Manager 2017 which is released for free download as a latest and advanced most version of a famous downloader. You can get its offline installer or standalone online setup, the choice depends on you. IDM is mostly being used on Microsoft Windows operating system, but other versions for Android and iOS are also released. It is famous for being the best downloading manager of all times as it provides its users safe and secure platform to download various software, PC Games, Videos (from Youtube and other videos websites).

It has separate editions for 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems, you should know your mode of operating i.e. x64 and x86 before getting setup for this software. It is even good for your larger files as it divides such files into smaller parts to make the process quick and secure. It is famously claimed that you can get anything 5 times faster when you have Internet Download manager, it is actually right because this software really speeds up the process by breaking the particular files into different parts. It really helps the users who have a slower connection at their PCs.

Internet Download Manager 2017 Free

Internet Download manager 2017 enables you to enjoy a lot of features, it gives you the ability to pause and start the process whenever you want to, this feature is not available in other downloaders or managers available in the market for free. As you can see the interface snapshot in the above picture, you can check out various facts about the files being downloaded. The total size of the file is at the top below which you find how much data is already on your system. The rate (in KBPs) of transfer and the time left for the process to be completed is also given in this interface.

Using Some of the other features of this amazing software, you can set the limit to the speed if you do not want it to use all the speed of your connection. Also, you can set the options for what it have to do with it on completion of the process. Auto-updater of this software informs you about the update version of IDM and installs it online whenever you allow it to. Other similar products like DAP and Tubemate Lacks these particular features which make this software better than those in many ways.

Features of IDM 2017

  1. Faster and protected downloading of files of almost every format.
  2. It is an interactive software but gets a link from any web page.
  3. Uses very less memory and works efficiently.
  4. It is a multilingual software with more than 10 Languages.
  5. Have very friendly user interface that helps users a lot.

Free Download IDM 17 (Details)

Licensed: to be used as a trial of 30 days
Developers: Tonec Inc
OS: Windows 8, 10, 8.1 and 7

NOTE: If you want to download the full version of this Internet Downloading Manager, you will need to purchase its serial key. No Crack or such tricks works any longer, but wait! if you want to check it for the first time just click the button below and get your own trial period for this product. On clicking the button your setup file of .exe format will start downloading automatically.

Download IDM 2017