Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Format Factory Download Free For Windows

Format Factory is an ad-supported free software which comes as full version download, this powerful is basically being used for conversion of various kinds of media files among each other. This converter software is one of the best conversion tools available for download. FormatFactory was first released many years ago and had quite fewer features as compared to the ones present in the latest version ( Format Factory conversion tool falls in the category of Adware software which means it will show ads in an interface for its users but would not need any kind of licensed that is to be purchased.

This tool was developed by Chen Ju Hao and the company which holds the credit for its publishing is PCfreetime. This software accomplishes many tasks for you, tasks which can only be done by installing various tools into your PC. Format Factory Media Conversion tool is being used for converting various types to one another, these not only audio and video but also picture. The FormatFactory software receives millions of download per month and most users consider it as a vital tool for their PC's. Apart from performing conversion tasks format factory also enables you to rip DVDs and CDs to other file types.

Various other tools like AnyVideo Converter (Specialized for conversion of Videos) and Total Video Converter (Known for Quality conversion of videos) are famous in the market but this software are unable to provide users the features of joining different files into one, so download of format factory has an edge over others because it provides this feature as well. There are approximately 25 different types being supported by format factory. This multilingual software supports 62 different languages of the world, 3 of them are in the package you download by default but you can download remaining others as well for free.

Supported Media Formats

Below is the list of those types which can be converted to each other using this tool, they include audio, video and picture formats.


  1. 3GP (.3gp)
  2. MPEG-1 (.mpg)
  3. Matroska (.mkv)
  4. Flash Video(.flv)
  5. SWF(.swf)
  6. MPEG-4 (.mp4)
  7. Audio Video Interleave (.avi)
  8. Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  9. RealMedia Variable Bitrate (.rmvb)
  10. VOB (.vob)
  11. Quicktime File (.mov)


  1. MP3
  2. OGG
  3. Wave Sound
  4. Adaptive Multi-Rate
  5. Windows Media Audio
  6. Advanced Audio Coding
  7. MIDI


  1. (.JPG)
  2. (.PNG)
  3. (.ICO)
  4. (.BMP)
  5. (.GIF)
  6. (.TIF)
  7. (.TGA)

Format Factory Download Details

License: Adware
Size of Download: 48MB
Developers are PCfreetime
OS: Windows

NOTE: Click the button below and the PC will start the downloading automatically, there is no restriction from developers for demo/trial or full version.

free download format factory

Sunday, 21 August 2016

VLC Media Player Free Download

VLC Media Player is known for its versatile features, it is one of the best among much other software of the genre it belongs to. You can download this amazing media player for free, one can install it on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, and Android. This Multilingual software/App is developed using C and C++ Programming languages with an objective of providing users more features and control over the files they intend to run. VLC Player is now considered to be on top of the list of software which receives a high number of downloads per day. The very first free version of this App/Software has released 15 years ago for Windows with quite lesser features as compared to those which are available in it at this time.

VLC Media Player is a perfect tool for running all kinds of audio and video files, you can play whatever media you want to run on your device. Microsoft Windows mostly have two types of operating modes one is 32-Bit (x86) and other is 64-Bit (x64), mostly software are developed for either of these mods but this one is made for both operating modes and separate files are available for download of their setups. There are various types of media files that people download depending on the nature of their requirement, file formats like MP3, MP4, MP5, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AMR, MMF, M4A, OOG and others are famous in the market. It is quite difficult for the users to install and download a various media player for running all such formats if required, so VLC comes out with the solution to the problem and makes is possible to run every type of format using a single software.

VLC Media Player Download

The latest most version of this software is released under the license of GNU Lesser General Public License. VLC Player has got an easier interface for its users, versions for various operating systems have almost same user interface which makes it quite amazing software of its own kind. This software is compatible with different versions of Windows including Windows 8, Win 7, MS Windows 10 and others. It is available in 48 Languages of the world, the simple download comes with basic 2 or 3 languages but you can download further package for other languages easily. The sound and video quality of the files get enhanced when it is played on this software.

VLC Media Player Download Details

Software is licensed for free
No Need of purchasing any version
Size of Setup is 30 MB
OS: Windows
Developed by VideoLan

NOTE: The Link placed under button below will enable you to get your setup for this software/App, once you click the button the download will start automatically. This link belongs to the official website and as the software is freeware you will get a full version of it by this link.

VLC media player full version download

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Delta Force 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version

It is not possible that any person who is a bit familiar with the world of computers and its games have not heard the name of Delta Force 2 war and action game which was made for the PC by Novalogic. The reason why we wrote this line is that Delta Force game is one of the first games in the criterion of war relating games. It was made at the start of the 21st century in the year of 1999 and at that time there was no other game that could even compete DF II up to some extent because all the features of this game have no resemblance to any game.

Delta Force II game for PC platform was made for the Microsoft Windows gaming consoles of Windows 98 which was a famous operating system of that time. MS Windows 2000 and Windows 95 also was able of running this game smoothly and later when the 32-Bit and 64-Bit modes in the Windows XP and the last version Windows 7 were introduced The Delta Force Game could be played on such platforms and gaming consoles. This game gave the idea of gaming onto the new path of innovations and development.

In this video game the genre of Tactical first person shooting was introduced to the people and after this many famous and featured games having amazing graphics are made. No doubt this version of delta force games have contributed a lot to the shooting games based on the first person and tactical warfare but the basic game from which even this game was induced was Delta Force 1 which is also known as simple Delta Force the mentioned game is the best rough graphic game made for Personal Computers.

Delta Force II Gameplay and PC Features

In Delta Force warfare game the player is behind the soldier of the United States Army who has all the guns and weapons necessary for killing the personnel of the army of the enemy. The player has to work with the team and have to take even a single step vigilantly and actively so that he could complete the mission or the challenge with an extreme accuracy. The player has to follow the rules settled by the control room so that he can save himself and his fellows from his team from the bullets and aim of the enemies.

There are about 20 missions in the game all the missions and rounds are open and the player can choose any of them to get into the game. There is an option that comes before the game starts and following that option the player can customize his weapons, armor, and guns which he has to use in the game during any tactical warfare mission. The map is given to man playing Delta Force 2 and from that map he can know his position and the location where he has to go to accomplish his objective.

Most of the game is made in the countries of South America, Serbia, Antarctica, and Africa against the forces of Russia and other enemies of U.S. All the features of the game are much so classic but now as we are ahead many years from the development of Delta force 2 games so many other high-quality graphics and features have been made. But Delta Force 2 game for PC is the best game made according to of that time. Sound quality, graphics quality and other measures are much better than many games.

Related Action and War Games

Delta Force 2 Windows Full System Requirements

VGA should be at least 64 MB for better experience
Processor must be of more than 900 MGHz
RAM size should be 128 minimum
Any DirectX can be installed for smooth support

Delta forces 2 Game version details

Size for downloading setup file is variant
Version: II
Developers of game: Novalogic
Free to play demo licensed is issued

NOTE: After clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the official page where you will find a version of this software according to policies of the developers.

Delta Force 2 Free Download PC Full Version

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Titanfall Free Download Full Version Game For PC

We are now ahead in the ways of modern games which can satisfy the entertainment needs of the people by providing all the high-quality features of advanced level gaming. Titanfall is the most recent game which has just been developed by Respawn entertainment and Electronic Arts have published it in the last month of the modern time. It had got released in the month of March and had made all persons who have a games interest curious about it. Titan Fall is also given a subtitle of 2014 and has earned millions of the users and hall of fame from all the parts of the world as like Delta Force Xtreme 2.

Titanfall 14 is basically a shooting game made for the Microsoft Windows PC gaming consoles which can be categorized in the genre of First Person Shooter video games. The two minds behind the development of this game belonged to the great gaming company IGN. In this Action game of shooting games and adventure games the features which are made the part are of high quality and class. This fighting War game is a first game from the company Respawn entertainment. The year of it's made is 2014 and in this year Xbox and Xbox 360 are the famous consoles for games and Titan-Fall and Crysis 3 are made for both of them.

This game is awesome because it has some new ideas for the gaming of controlled based environment. In Titanfall thrilling game the player is allowed to play in the game by being in a Mech-Style machine which can be controlled by a keyboard, Mouse or a Joystick. The pilots of the mech-style are the soldiers which are injected to a planet where war is on the peak. This huge machine can walk on long walls and possess all the unique capabilities of monster robots. Titan fall game has won many types of awards and prizes from various platforms and this amazing featured game has put first person shooter games on the new path of success.

Titan Fall 2014 Gameplay and Features

Titanfall is fully a versatile adventure and action genre game which can be played either in a single player mode or in Multiplayer game mode. There are certain other features which make this game much better than any other game of the world. In the gameplay of Titan-fall, one can control a pilot by making him fight against the enemy by walking on the foot or by allowing him to sit in the Mech-Style titan from where he can kill the enemies. That Mech-Style robot is also used in Battlefield 4 type machine has all the guns and rockets attached to it and has a computer based setup controls like a fighting jet couch which are made for pilots.

At the start of the game the player has an option of choosing his own appropriate titan. After choosing one of the titans player is allowed to fall into the game. the deployed titan can be used to fire onto the enemies and that robot can be initially protected by using a shield which is installed to the titan. There are certain jet packs and force fields given to the controls of the player by using those the player can make his titan protect itself from the enemies fire and can jump over the hurdles and walls that come in the walls, the more the player stays in the titan more will be the skill and levels of the players.

Pilots and the titans are two things a player can control both are the weapons for the player to complete his/her missions given to him. Both these are very much resemblance to each other despite the weaponry power of the pilot is less than that of the titan because the sizes of the guns of the titans are much bigger than that of the pilots. These titans are fallen from the sky to the planet where the fight is on. All the things are fictional in this game and it is very interesting games. The machine is just like of a battle tank similar to those which are used in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 alike of choppers and other fighter vehicles that are used for eliminating the enemies.

Titan Fall 14 Game Version System Requirements

High Size Processor (3.6 GHZ Core 2 Duo) should be in the CPU
RAM Size must be at least of 4 GB in DD R 3
50 GB Space on the Hard Drive must be available for Game
DirectX 11 Should be installed.
Windows 7, and Win 8 are compatible also Microsoft Win XP
VGA Size of 2 GB from nVidia or AMD must be on the PC

Titan-Fall Shooter Game Full Details

Version is literally I or 2014
Developers are Respawn Entertainment
Licensed as free to play Demo

Note: You are given a link that will lead you to the page where you can purchase this game, Demo or full version is not allowed by the developers of this game. :)

Free Download Titanfall Full Game For PC

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Prince of Persia is a famous game series which comes as a free download for PC (Microsoft Windows) and it has various installments which are available for Download in a full version. This famous game series was created by the Jordan Mechner and later its ownership is transferred to UbiSoft which is well known for many games like Rayman Legends and The Crew PC Game. The first game of the series was Prince of Persia which was released in 1989, later many games were for platforms including Windows, PlayStation 2 , PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, MAC OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The latest most version is Prince of Persia : The Shadow and the Flames and this game is made for iOS.

The game series follows a complete story line and each installment has some better features and some enhanced graphics. Starting from the first game to the last game of the series Prince of Persia Game series has a complete story which can't be understood unless you play all the full versions of the series. Every game is now available for Download and it is totally free of cost. The trilogy of this series is amazing and that's why it have been loved by millions of player all around the globe. This website is providing free download of every edition in a full version.

Prince of Persia PC System Requirements

Note: These requirements are for the last game that belongs to this series and has been developed for PC, all other games can be played easily on your system if your computer specs have even fewer specs.

Processor speed must be at least 2.4 GHz
RAM Size must be at least 1.0 GB
VGA should be more than 256 MB
DirectX should be installed
OS can be Windows 8

Prince of Persia The Sand of Times Download

Size is 241 MB
Licensed as Demo

NOTE: We are offering a demo version of Prince of Persia The Sand of Times as full version setup for this game is not allowed by the owner/developer of this game. :)

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Demo

Size is 256 MB
Licensed as Demo

NOTE: We are offering a demo version of Warrior Within as full version setup for this game is not allowed by the owner/developer of this game. :)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed Carbon is a 10th edition of the famous NFS racing video game series, also known as NFS Carbon is one of the best games made by EA in last decade. It is available for free Download on your PC (Windows) and every other gaming console except PlayStation 2. You can download its full version for your 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. Some other platforms where you can play this video game are MAC OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Mobile(free download for Android and iOS high-end mobile devices). Need for Speed Carbon is also famous for its user-friendly user interface for all kinds of players who love racing and racing simulation games.

NFS carbon Download was one of the most anticipated game as it was announced after the huge success of EA NFS Most wanted (Most played racing game in the world). No doubt it was not a success as that of its prequel but ultimately it was a really good game and millions of users downloaded it for free and played its full version on PC and other platforms. The need for Speed ProStreet succeeded this version of NFS video game series and was considered to be one of the successful games by EA. This game is also known as Need for Speed: Own the City. As of its prequel this game is also based on rivalry among different crews of the street racing.


Need for Speed Carbon full version
NFS Carbon PC Game full download

Need for Speed Carbon System Requirements

You need at least 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU
RAM must be at least 1.0 GB
External GPU should be 256 MB
VGA :512 MB (If dedicated video memory)
DirectX makes gameplay better

NFS Carbon Full version Download Details

This game is licensed as DEMO
For Downloading full version you license key
Developer is EA
Download Size may vary

NOTE: We are offering a demo version of NFS Carbon as full version setup for this game is not allowed by the owner/developer of this game. :)

Need for Speed Carbon Free Download

Monday, 27 June 2016

FIFA 2011 Free Download PC Game

EA Sports has a famous series of FIFA football (Soccer) video games and FIFA 2011 also known as fifa'11 is one of those PC game which has been played by millions of football lovers around the globe. The Download of this popular and amazing game is available for Free, and it can be played on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It can be played on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. Fifa 2011 was introduced with the option of both multiplayer and Single player mode. It was the 8th addition to the series and the cover of this game featured Wayne Rooney and Kaka (World Class Footballers of All times).

Now you can Download this amazing video game for Free on your PC and other gaming consoles and enjoy one of the best soccer video games ever made. EA Sports developed this edition along with Exient Entertainment and HB Studios. This game has won awards of appreciation more than any other game developed by EA and its partners. The class of this game can be guessed by considering the stats of the people who still loves to play it and those who Google it for Download. Initially, its free Demo was released to the non-paid customers but later it was also given in full version as further editions and versions were released and made with better and enhanced gameplay.

Other Soccer PC Games Download

FIFA 2011 Ultimate Team and Gameplay

EA followed its trend of releasing sub-editions for a game and released FIFA 11 Ultimate team for PS3 and Xbox 360. The Gameplay of this classical and evergreen video game was amazing and the player was able of creating its own character. The physical appearances and other fixtures were also customize-able.

FIFA 2011 Free Download

The player is also able of customizing or generating its own team with his desired characters and team name. This can be done both in Club league mode and World cup mode, The player can either play a country team to team match or match in the league system. Famous Soccer Leagues like LA Liga, UEFA, Bundesliga and others are made part of this amazing Soccer Game.

FIFA 2011 Free Download Full Version

Fifa 2011 System Requirements

Processor Speed must be 2.4 GHz (Minimum)
RAM must be at least 1.0 GB
VGA Card should be 512 MB
Sound card is also required
DirectX needs to be installed

FIFA 2011 PC Download Details

Download Size may vary
OS can be Windows 7 or Win XP
Licensed as Free to play Demo
Developer: EA-Sports

NOTE: We are offering a demo version of Fifa 11 as full version setup for this game is not allowed by the owner/developer of this game. :)

free download fifa 2011 pc game