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Download Metal Slug 4 Game For Free

Metal Slug 4 free download pc game

Full version download of Metal Slug 4 game is present for free. It is a game which is made after the 3rd game of the series of Metal Slug games. There are 5 games in the mentioned series and each game has its own distinguished features. This edition is made to be played on (PC) Microsoft Windows along with Arcade, PlayStation 2, Virtual Console, Neo Geo and Xbox.

The superb game we are discussing comes in the genre of run and gun game in which the player have to shoot the enemies or the belongings of the opponents while the further part of the certain round or mission moves on automatically. Many types of games are being produced in this field and metal slug is the series of these games which have been leading all the others greatly.

metal slug game download for pc

The followed game is released in 2002 and the later version which is known as metal slug 5 is released after the two years success of this IV version. The player has to complete and walk through the various rounds and missions which are placed in the gameplay. In the end of every mission, there will be a big enemy which can be called as a giant and kill him will result in the completion of the round.

This game supports both single player and two players mode for playing, as we know that in single player only one player can fight with the enemies and in two players 2 can control the joysticks or the keyboards and can put their part to the completion of the game. Killing and finishing the placed enemies results into the increase in the points and hence you are supposed to make more and more points in the game.

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System Requirements of Metal Slug IV

Processor speed must be at least 400 MHZ
VGA size could be 32 Mb
RAM must be 128 MB
OS MS Windows 7 and XP, 8 are better
No additional requirements

Version details for PC

Version is IV
Licensed is Free to Play Demo
Developers are Neo Geo

NOTE: On following the download link below, you will be redirected to the page from where you can download the full game for your desired platform.

Download Metal Slug 4 Game For Free


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