Thursday, 1 February 2018

PS3 is one of the most famous gaming consoles of all time which was developed by the Sony Computer Entertainment. PlayStation 3 was first introduced to the gaming market back in the year 2006. It was a huge success after PS2 and thousands of games were made for this console. PS3 Emulators which are now easily available for Free download are being used to emulate all kinds of PlayStation III games on the PC. After you will download the full version of this software and install on Windows PC you will be able to play all those games on your PC, sometimes you need BIOS and ROMS to successfully emulate your PSIII games at the computer.

PlayStation III (PS3) was released in competition to the Xbox 360 which was considered as the top gaming console, but it changed the concept and contributed a great deal to the gaming world. Almost every famous game series developed their free editions for this console as millions of people purchased it and demand of editions of all these games grew exponentially. Even today when there are other successful competitors like PlayStation IV(PS4) and Xbox 360 are available in the market this older gaming beast hasn't lost its worth. PS3 BIOS and ROMS are also needed in the complete installation of the emulators.

PS3 Emulator Bios and Roms Free Download

There are various Emulators which are available for different kinds of users RPCS3 is the most famous of all as it is an open source tool, it is written using C++ language and Linux Operating System. All these emulators have an objective of bridging the gap between computers and gaming oriented machines. They allow us to play while not caring about the platform.

Download PlayStation 3 Emulator

Following are some but not only PS Games that you can play on the computer using the emulator you are going to download in full version.

You just need to click the button placed below to follow the link for free setup.

12.36 MBs of the size.
Latest version of the application
Free to Use Demo

PS3 Emulator Download

Download PS3 BIOS

BIOS are used to make the connection of the Firmware of the PC and that of the application you are installing so they need to be installed as they play an important role in the emulation process. BIOS are free to install, just a click on the button below will do the downloading job.

1.2 MBs of the size.
The latest version of the Application.
Free to use.

PS3 Bios Free Download

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The third edition of famous Mafia Action-Adventure video games series is now out for Free Download, it is the 3rd version of this notorious gaming series which can be played in full version. Mafia 3 is released in 2016 for PC (Windows), Xbox One, and PlayStation IV while Mac OS version was given out for Download in 2017. On Microsoft Windows, it can be played on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems.

Like Previous editions, it is also developed by Hangar 13 and published officially by 2K Games. Mafia III is made in an open world environment and the city in the plot is New Bordeaux which is a fictional recreation of New Orleans. The story of this free PC game is about the Lincoln Clay who aims to establish his new crime organization in order to fight against the Italian Mob, the character is Vietnam Veteran and was an orphan.

Download Mafia 3 Full PC Game

The player can enjoy this game by third person perspective, the maps are made bigger and more advancements are done with the graphical features. The maps are larger than the both previous editions of the series. They consist of more than 10 districts in each of which there are various types of objectives are mission and player can complete them using different approaches.

Death to rights 2 is one of the other games which can be related to this edition also Titanfall can be related in some way due to its open world gaming environment. The story revolves around the Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay who was an orphan and was raised by gangster family who was the leader of Black Mob. After coming back from his service he finds out that his family gang is almost gone so he strives to get back the fame and terror Black Mob once had.

download mafia 3 free pc game

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Mafia 3 PC System Requirements

OS can be Windows 7/8 or 10
CPU can be Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 8120
RAM must be at least 6 GB
GeForce GTX 660 (or equal) should be installed
50 GB of free space in HDD is required
DirectX is necessary

Mafia III Free Download Details

Demo Version is Available
Latest edition setup
Developers are Hangar 13

NOTE: Mafia 3 was released by developers in Demo for the users who do not wish to pay for the license but people can purchase the full version by purchasing the license of the full game. The link below will redirect the users to the official page of the developers from where they can download the Demo easily and also can proceed with the purchasing process.

free download mafia III

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Overwatch is a PC game which was developed and released in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. You can Download Overwatch multiplayer game to play with your friends online. It is basically a first person shooting video game which is available for free on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation IV. For full version download, you need to purchase the license for it.

It is ranked as one of the best team based multiplayer first person shooting game as it has been rated well even by the critics. Xbox One and PS4 versions are bit different from the PC edition as they have varying graphical features. Players are given choice of choosing among four roles which are Defense, Attack, Tank, and Support.

Overwatch Free Download PC Game

You can choose any of the 25 pre defined characters which can play various parts in the victory of their team. They have their unique powers and abilities which may be useful in different parts of the plot Players call these characters as heroes. There is always a limited time span in which the player has to defend his team control point or has to provide the escort across the environment of the map.

In this free PC game, the player has to side with either of the 6 player squad after choosing their hero. There are four roles the player can choose between like if he chooses an offense character that character would have a good skill in attack but will lack defense abilities. Likewise, defense characters are good in providing the defense but they lack attack abilities.

Overwatch PC Game Full version

Download this amazing Overwatch fps and enjoy various features which are not always available in different franchises of the said genre. Players are also allowed to switch between the characters once they die or they can do it by returning back to the start point. Better performance in the matches increases the skill level of the player which is one of the primary objectives.

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Overwatch PC System Requirements

It can be run on Windows 7/8/10
AMD X3 865 or Intel Core i3 processor is required.
The system must have 4 GB of RAM.
6-7 GBs of Free Space is required for installation.
DirectX is also required to be installed.

Overwatch Free Download Details

License is Demo and Shareware
The version is Latest 2016.
Developers and Publishers are Blizzard Entertainment.
Size of the setup is not known.

NOTE: Follow the link below and you will be redirected to the new page which is official page of the developers. They have provided a demo/free version which you can play and if the original full edition is what you want you can download it after purchasing the license.

Free download Overwatch PC game

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Need for Speed Payback is the newest addition to the series of thrilling most racing video games, it has been released for various platforms including PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is one of the most anticipated upcoming racing game which will hit the gaming consoles this November. Electronic Arts (EA) will publish it and it is being developed by Ghosts studio.

It will be available for Free download on PC for the users who will purchase its licensed version, a full version of this game will not be available for free but Demo will be given to every user. This edition's trailer has received a very good response from the critics and people says it will do a business better than any other edition of the series.

Need for Speed Payback Download

NFS Payback has more features than the other editions of the series like NFS Carbon, Need for Speed 3 and NFS II. For the first time in the series, more than one playable characters are introduced, you can toggle between three main characters which have their own unique set of skills. They play together to complete an action movie and sequences of adventures.

This Free PC game which will be available for full version download has a better gameplay than other 22 editions of the series as this one is the 23rd installment. It is based on action driving and action racing, it has been revealed by the creative director of William Ho that it will have a day-night cycle. Also, he told that it will have both Single Player and Multiplayer gaming modes.

NFS Payback free Download

Need for Speed Payback's Windows (PC) version is made based on Fortune Valley and the main characters are Tyler, Jess, and Mac. EA claimed that it will be best racing action game of all times and no other video game will ever be able to beat this free PC game. Users will also be able to download it for PS4 and Xbox One or they will purchase DVDs.

NFS Pay back System Requirements

i3 processor with 1.2 GHz speed is required
DDR3 RAM with at least 4 GB size is necessary
External GPU which have good performance is needed.
DirectX 12 should be installed before the game

Need for Speed Payback Download Details

Version: Demo
License: Paid(free to play demo)
Developers: Ghosts
Publishers: EA

NOTE: This installment has not been released yet so no link for downloading is available, you can get this full game when it will be officially launched. You can visit the official website by clicking the button below for news on when it will be released officially.

Need for Speed Payback Free Download full version

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Ballance PC game is now available for free download, it is a full version 3D-game which was released back in the year 2004. This Puzzle based PC game is developed by Cyprade and published by Atari, that is why it famously is known as Best of Atari. Ballance full version is released to be played on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and others for free. It has a Single player gaming mode, and can not be played Online. Both modes of Windows operating systems 64-Bit (x64) and 32-Bit (x86) can run this amazing Puzzle masterpiece.

The main objective in the gameplay is to keep the ball going and make it reach the goal point. The puzzle is in the setting of the path a ball needs to travel on, it can be changed as per the desire of the user. Using special changers one can change the material of the ball, it can be either a wooden, stone or paper ball. Professional gamers do consider the material an important material because stability depends on this. There are also two types of power-ups for the players rolling your object through them makes you score some extra points.

Download Ballance PC Game Full Version

Ballance Free Full PC game has total 12 levels, every player starts from the level 1 and then has to unlock all the further levels for him. Anyone who has good skill in Candy Crush can easily understand its puzzle level, Poker Night 2 and Zuma Deluxe also belongs to the same category but they are totally different kind of games.

There are different checkpoints in a single level and all of them are plotted at some particular distance from each other. Players can use either a mouse or a keyboard to control the ball which has to be moved along a course without letting it fall off the screen. There are also many physical obstacles and hurdles in the way to the goal.

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System Requirements

Pentium II with 450 MHz is recommended
128 MB RAM should be installed
GPU of 16 MB with DirectX installed
Needs 150 MB of HDD space for setup

Ballance Full Game Download Details

Version: Demo
License: Free to Play Demo
OS: Windows XP or 7
Developers: Cyprade
Publisher: Atari

NOTE: Click the download button below and the setup will start downloading automatically if it does not refresh the link that will open in the new tab. The setup that you will get is the Demo of this Ballance as the full version Download is not allowed to be provided like this.

full Download of Ballance PC Game

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dead to Rights 2 is an Action PC game which is available for free Download and the setup is Highly Compressed and can be easily played. It can be installed on Microsoft Windows gaming platforms, it was developed by Namco and was published by Electronic Arts (EA). The full name is Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Play and it is actually a Third person action video game.

It has a single player gaming mode and was also released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The prequel of this amazing game had received a very good response from users all around the world. Demo version is free but if you wish to download the full edition you will have to purchase it. DTD II has an amazing gameplay which attracts gamers from all kinds of genres.

dead to rights 2 download pc game

This game starts when a judge who has a well-reputed career in judiciary unveils a city-wide crime syndicate. After this, he gets kidnapped and the main character whose name is Jack has some family relations with the victim of kidnapping. Jack's father and the judge were friends so the cop goes for the hunt of kidnappers with a large force of cop.

Jack and his dog named shadow gets struck among a mob of the enemy so they have to fight with them to get rid of the danger prevailed on them lives and also to break the crime syndicate. Blanchov a Russian Criminal lord murders the judge and also kills Jack's girlfriend, so he is up for revenge from Blanchov. After losing Ruby the main character goes mad and intends to finish the mission as he does not have anyone to live for anymore.

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System Requirements of Dead to Rights 2

Processor Speed must be more than 2.1 GHz
RAM Size must be more than 1.0 GB
No External GPU is needed
VGA memory should be at least 512 MB
DirectX is required

Dead to Rights 2 Highly Compressed

Download Size: Unknown
Platform: Windows
Developers: Namco
License: Demo Version

Note: The developers do not allow to provide the full version so the link of demo version is given below for download, click the link and enjoy one of the best action games ever made.

dead to rights 2 highly compressed free download

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a beat em' up video game which is available for free download in full version. It was developed in the year 1993 by Capcom which is a Japan-based gaming company. It is an Arcade Single player mode game which is famously known as Kyouryuu Shinseiki. You can Download it for your PC gaming console as well and can play it on Windows 8, Win 7. Its free edition for Android in APK file is released for users.

This Side scrolling beat em up was developed on the comic book series named as Xenozoic Tales, it is associated to the Animated TV series which was being aired in the year it was released. It has a Co-op mode in which three players can play at once and their objective is to keep their characters going by killing different kinds of enemies. Online edition is available for gamers, they can play it online . Anyone can easily get its setup for their Android Mobiles.

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game
The player is allowed to choose among four different characters which have their own unique power, they also have some weaknesses but the player can use their strengths in such a way that they can go on to win against their enemies.

JACK, Hannah, Mustapha, and Mess are those four chooseable characters, ancient giant animals too appears in the gameplay but they are not on either of the sides they can attack you or your enemy their attack can not be judged.

During a game-play you can find various kinds of weapons, explosives, firearms and weapons to do melee. All these weapons can be used against the enemy to kill them. Full version of this free beat em up is amazing and is just like Contra, Team Fortress 2, War Shogun, and Bomberman.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 and 8
RAM: 128 MB
VGA: No External GPU memory is needed
HDD Space: 0.30 GB
Processor Speed: 1.8 GHZ

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game Download Details

License: Free to Play Demo
Version: Latest
Size: Unknown
Developers: Capcom

NOTE: Clicking this button below will take you to new page where you will find another button that will generate a new link for you.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game