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EA Cricket 2014 Free Download PC Game

EA Cricket 2014 Free Download PC Game

EA Sports has released many cricket video games and they are very much expert in this genre of gaming. In 2014 Electronic Arts have released Cricket 14 as free to download a full version. It is actually a simulation game of cricket in which many types of gaming features have been made as it is made in the countries of Australia and England. It is very much authentic in the world of cricket gaming as it contains all the great features and we can play this fantastic simulation on PC having Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360. It is compatible with the 32-bit and 64-Bit modes of operating environments.

This 2014 video PC Game is made better than all the previous games of the series. Many others were made in the history regarding but few have got the fame and the successful business but Cricket 14 has crossed all the limits of the record businesses and have left all the games like Cricket 2007, Cricket 2013, and EA Cricket 2004 far so behind. This could be played on all the platforms of Microsoft Windows like Windows 7 and Win 8 whereas it is also compatible with win XP and others. It has almost all the features of the discussed sports genre hence it is best among all.

EA Sports Cricket 2014 Full Gameplay and Features

This superb sport is allowing you to play all the formats of the cricket in a single package. You can toggle between T20 format, One-Day international , Test Format and County Formats. In all of these modes, real qualities of sports are held awesomely.

Almost all the players are added to this stimulated cricket game and all their features, stats, and original faces are also made the generous part of it. All those teams who play international cricket in available in this game and their uniforms and team strength are also adopted from the real sports of Cricket.

The commentary is also made a part of this game whenever you play some match you will enjoy the voices of famous commentators doing commentary as according to your play because it is greatly programmed and it also contains championship mode where you can play world cup matches of World Cup 2012.

In 14 game many types of stadiums and venues are installed in the Gameplay and you can choose any one of them along with the conditions like Pitch type, Weather, Day/Night conditions. You can choose which kind of weather you want or the Soft, hard or green pitch you want to play on.

In this game, four basic modes are present which and International Tour is one of them in which the player chooses a team and then goes on a tour of any place to play a series of matches. World Series is a mode where you can play matches with various teams of the world. Likewise, World Cup and T20 Cup are two other modes.

In Electronic Arts sports 2014 video game number of county cups are given from them few are Pura Cup, T20 Big Bash both these belongs from the Australian Domestic Cricket others counties of EnglandNew Zealand and are also present. In this, you can also practice you batting and bowling in practicing mode. This game is much resembling Ashes 2013 and DLF IPL T20.

Cricket 14 PC System Requirements For Windows

VGA Size Must be At least 1.0 GB
Ram Size is required to be 512 MB
Processor must be at least 3.0 GHZ Speedy
To install DirectX is better
Sound Card, Joystick
O.S: Windows 7 ; 8 ; XP

Cricket 2014 Download Version Details

File Size May Vary
Version: 2014
Licensed As free to Play Demo
Developers: Electronic Arts

Note: As the developers of the EA Series have not made the version hence we are just providing and Overview on the free download of this edition. You may Like the previous version of this series.

Download EA Cricket 2014 Free Download Full Version Game


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