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Need For Speed 3 Free Download For PC

Need For Speed 3 Free Download For PC

Need for Speed 3 a subtitle to which was Hot Pursuit is one of the many Need for Speed car racing gaming series game. It was the third addition to the NFS series in the year of 1998, it was the time when the highest played game of 90's i.e. Need-for-speed 2 is famous and people use to download this game for free and millions of people were enjoying this game in full version on Microsoft Windows PC. In 1998 third game N F S III was released and it sought the attention of the people because this game was given for multiple platforms including PlayStation, PC (Windows), and others. The game was supported on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit gaming platforms and has a much user-friendly interface.

Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit was a better game than its sequel but has not got much success and didn't got sold that much because at the time it released many other good racing video games were also available in full version download for free, It has quite good graphics and sound features also it was added up with some brand new and modern racing and sports cars of the time. Some of the cars of the game were Chevrolet Caprice Classic, Ford Crown Victoria, Land Rover, Eagle Talon, Lamborghini LM200 and Ford Falcon etc. The game was also included up with various soundtracks as of NFS II PC Game, soundtracks were also those which were being listened at that time.

Need For Speed 3 Free Download fuull version

Electronic Arts is quite good at making these types of racing and action video games for PC and other widely used consoles and this game making company literally started after the success of the N_F_S series. The most advanced and the best engine was used for the development of this edition. As we talked before due to certain reasons this could not be famous very much but still it touched the hearts of the people who loves a game to a great extent. For the very first time, Need for speed III introduced a multiplayer gaming mode in the genre of racing and they are successful in making it work. This edition also got two modes one a single player where you can race with a number of vehicles being controlled by the PC and a Multiplayer in which one can play with friends and have a fun of racing.

Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit System Requirements

Processor must be at least 1.8 GHz powerful
RAM size must be minimum of 256 MB
VGA should be more than 64 MB
Sound, Mic and other things are not necessary
DirectX is not mandatory

NFS 3 Download Details

Licensed as Free to Play Demo
Version is III
Developers are EA

NOTE: The download link will lead you to the trusted source from where you can get a demo version of this amazing PC game, as its developers do not allow its full version to the users who don't pay for one.

Need For Speed 3 hot pursuit Download


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