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DotA 1 Free Download PC Game

DotA 1 Free Download PC Game

It is not possible anyone who knows little about games have not heard about DotA but it is a fact that more that 80 percent of those who love this game don't even know the real name of this game. It is actually Defense of the Ancients which came to be the most successful game of all the time in the year 2005. Dota 1 is the very first version and it was played by millions of the people and still there are thousands of people who have a craze for this game and its online gameplay. Dota 1 download is here for free and you can get its full version to play the legendary game of all the times.

Defense of the Ancients 1 is an online multiplayer battle arena game which is a fun of its own kind. In this game the objective of the player is to destroy the ancient of the enemy which he will guard by its well structured and powerful strategies, his ancient may be located at the opposite corner of a map. In DOTA 1 Game the player can use Heroes which have artificial intelligence the heroes with more power can make a player win over his enemy.

This game can be played on various platforms like MAC OS X, MS Windows, and Linux. This is a pure PC video game but can be played only on the servers Online. The Free version of this game can be downloaded by following the linked placed below its Download is very easy and you can easily install it on your Windows PC. The game is played by choosing either side of the two teams, the Sentinel and the Scourage, after choosing the team the players go to their respective side as in the map the Sentinels always go to the Southwest Corner while Scourage players go to Northeast corner of the map.

This is totally a team based game you can not lead your side to the victory unless your team work and play hard along by your side. There can be a maximum of 10 players on both sides and each player gets his unique hero, he can choose his from 112 of the total. Every Hero has some special abilities by which he can beat another hero. Some heroes have some good strength while others are good with their intelligent way of fighting but it depends on upon you how you play using them.

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Dota 1 Download Details

Free Version is licensed
Size of Files may change
OS can be Win 7 or 8
Supports 32 and 64-Bits

NOTE: The download button has a link which downloads you a setup of this game, the trial version i.e. it will not be full version as per developers policies.

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