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Foxit PDF Reader Free Download

Foxit PDF Reader Free Download

Foxit is a PDF Reader and PDF Writer software available for Free download on Windows and Linux operating systems. You can Download it for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Win 7 and Windows 10. Full versions for 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating system are given by developers. It is a multilingual software that enables you to do different tasks like you can create your own PDF file, you can view it with number of features, you can print and edit your files using this free Foxit Reader. This amazing freeware tool is built by a company named as Fox it.

This very first version of Fox it writer was made back in the era of Windows XP and now it have been updated and modified according to the needs of the users. It is available in 8 different languages of the world. Initially its download was given using their own installer but there were some issues that were faced by the users, non professional users may install unwanted applications that were given with the installer but later this issue was fixed and now its setup can be easily availed from any downloading website. The users review for this tool are quite appreciating now and people show a sort of trust for this professional PDF application.

Features of Fox It Writer

  1. You can edit PDF file of any size and structure using this tool.
  2. You can import and export your files using import/export feature.
  3. This software optimizes your files by itself and decreases the size.
  4. Auto save feature of this tool saves your unfinished documents by itself.
  5. Sometimes you are required to sign your files Fox-it lets you perform this task as well.
  6. This amazing professional tool is sometimes even better than Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Screen Shots

Foxit PDF Reader interface
Foxit PDF Free Download

Free Software to Download

Details for Download Foxit PDF Reader

Licensed as Free to Use
Developers are Fox-It
Size of file may vary
Platform is Windows

NOTE: The Link below will redirect you to the official page of the developers, from where you will get trial version of this software.

Foxit Reader Download


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