Friday, 1 July 2016

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed Carbon is a 10th edition of the famous NFS racing video game series, also known as NFS Carbon is one of the best games made by EA in last decade. It is available for free Download on your PC (Windows) and every other gaming console except PlayStation 2. You can download its full version for your 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. Some other platforms where you can play this video game are MAC OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Mobile(free download for Android and iOS high-end mobile devices). Need for Speed Carbon is also famous for its user-friendly user interface for all kinds of players who love racing and racing simulation games.

NFS carbon Download was one of the most anticipated game as it was announced after the huge success of EA NFS Most wanted (Most played racing game in the world). No doubt it was not a success as that of its prequel but ultimately it was a really good game and millions of users downloaded it for free and played its full version on PC and other platforms. The need for Speed ProStreet succeeded this version of NFS video game series and was considered to be one of the successful games by EA. This game is also known as Need for Speed: Own the City. As of its prequel this game is also based on rivalry among different crews of the street racing.


Need for Speed Carbon full
NFS Carbon PC Game full download

Need for Speed Carbon System Requirements

You need at least 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU
RAM must be at least 1.0 GB
External GPU should be 256 MB
VGA :512 MB (If dedicated video memory)
DirectX makes gameplay better

NFS Carbon Full version Download Details

This game is licensed as DEMO
For Downloading full version you license key
Developer is EA
Download Size may vary

NOTE: We are offering a demo version of NFS Carbon as full version setup for this game is not allowed by the owner/developer of this game. :)

Need for Speed Carbon Free Download


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