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IMVU is a platform where you can socialize with new people, chat with them. This 3D avatar-based social network allows you to live in a virtual world. Your avatar is not only an icon, but it can also be fully customized to make you feel like yourself in the next level virtual reality world. Next thing you can do is that you can experience a new virtual life go out with friends and enjoy life, travel to new places and have fun. Users are live on this platform from all around the globe, they are connected to each other from all most every device type. Get yourself connected just now, Download the most amazing enslavement to your own device and dive into a virtual world.

IMVU Next is a collective virtual shared space and of course a website that has gained a lot of popularity a few years ago. It was used to Play Games, Meet new people, chat with them; Members can use 3D avatars for all this. It is claimed that the site has one of the biggest online catalogs for virtual goods, which is more than 31 Million items. Back in 2014, there were more than 4 million active users but right now there is no official figure for this. Many people are asking over the internet about this name, whether it's an acronym or it means something but the Co-Founder Eric Ries has explained it that the name just came out accidentally there is no certain topology how it got named.
IMVU Download | Login | Credits

IMVU Credits

In IMVU there is a unique virtual economy which is based on its own currency system called "imvu credits". These credits can be purchased easily using the real world currency or you may get lucky enough to have a gift card from the retail outlet. If you have a developers account you can get another form of currency which is known as "developers tokens", now if you want to sell credits to get back the real money you need a developer account for this. To buy something in the real life and real world you need some currency depending on which part of the globe you are in. Same can be done with this virtual currency in a virtual world, you can purchase different types of items like furniture, clothes, Pets, Houses, farms and what not. This currency makes your experience in the new world more exciting and enjoyable. You can have Free IMVU credits by participating in various types of activities or download other types of promotions.

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IMVU Catalog

From the official catalog, one can purchase almost all the items like furniture, clothes, pets, cars, houses, outfits, skins, accessories, and many more items beyond count. All these items are not free, one need virtual currency to purchase. It is an online store just like any other e-commerce website you can simply browse up to there Login using your IMVU Next account and start purchasing stuff for your virtual world. If you don't have an account, you are first required to sign up for next account and then login using your credentials. Your currency is also associated with your account.

IMVU Login

To login you simply need to follow the secure next homepage, it will take you to the new page which will open in the new tab. On this new page, you will find some random avatars dancing are changing their outfits. Moments after the page is loaded a pop-up will appear that will show you options for login. Either you can sign in using your Facebook account, or enter your credentials by clicking "login" text. Sign up can also be found on this same page, look for the button having a text "Get Started for Free" click it and it will drive you to the signup page.

IMVU Download

Users can connect to each other on this social media by installing it on any of their devices. You can simply download IMVU next on PC, Android or iOS. There is a download button below which can be clicked, it will take you to an official website where you can pick up your device and then simply get your own setup and install it.

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