Fallout 4 Perk Chart - Fallout Map

Find detailed information on Fallout Perks in a chart and its detailed map. Fallout 4 is 5th installment to the series of action games by Bethesda Studios.

This blog is about detailed information on Fallout 4 Perk Charts, its maps, and VR of the game. There are many types of perks in the game each one of it is associated with the number of points in the game.

We will discuss each of these maps, perks, and VR but let's take a brief overview of the game first. Fallout 4 belongs to the famous series of Fallout Action Role-playing video games by Bethesda Game Studios.

The name contains four but actually, it is the fifth installment to the series. It can be characterized in a Post-Apocalypto genre which is the sub-genre of science fiction, in this type of genre the world technologic civilization is collapsing.

This game was released for multiple platforms back in the year 2015. It provides an only Single-player gaming mode for the users, open world environment is provided in the gameplay. The game is plotted in the year 2287, the city of Boston and Massachusetts are incorporated and named as "The Commonwealth".

Fallout 4 Perk Chart - Map and VR
Picture Credits: Cryotank.net
Released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows PC and published by Bethesda Softworks it is called as one of the most played video game of 2015. The main character the player has to control in the gameplay is named as "Sole Survivor" who was in an underground shelter known as Vault 111 for a very long time where he had been in a Cryogenic Stasis.

Before he went down the shelter, he suffered from many problems like her wife getting murdered and son getting kidnapped so he sets on a mission of finding his lost son in the city of "The Commonwealth". This edition also introduced full voice acting of the protagonists in the series.

In the start of the game, the player finds out that the world has got ruined and it is in a very bad condition. He starts completing different quests either by helping out many factions which survived after the apocalypse or by clearing different missions.

    All these quests and missions increase the abilities and experience point of its characters, both these increase the level of the player's profile. Some features are unique in this edition of the series using which the player can develop different items like Drugs, Weapons, armors, Explosives and many other things.

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    Fallout 4 Perk Charts

    Perk is divided into the 10 levels based on S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats which is based on 7 factors known as Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. All these factors make S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats of the game. Every perk has different ranks associated with it and as you go down the level of the rank you will have better strength in that category. As far as we down in the perk level, more points are required to get it. Let's have a look on the chart first and then we will discuss each of it in detail.

    fallout 4 perk chart

    All these pictures of the Perks are from the official poster released by the Bethesda Games, we have gathered them together in a single picture. A detailed description of each of it is given below.

    S- Strength

    As the name suggests, this perk is a measure of how much physical powerful your character has. How much he can carry and how effective his attacks are. Just like others, there are 10 levels in this category as well. These levels are named as Iron Fist, Big Leagues, Armorer, Blacksmith, Heavy Gunner, Strong Back, Steady Aim, Basher, Rooted, and Pain Train.

    Iron Fist:
    It improves the physical attacking power of character, better-unarmed attack. The picture of this level shows a vault boy who is punching/kicking the Air. There are five ranks associated with this level, in rank 1 your punch does 20% more damage to the enemy. In rank 2 this percentage increases to 40% and with every next rank, it increases 20% more while in rank 5 it has double power.

    Big Leagues:
    It improves the melee attacking power of character, better melee attack. The picture of this level shows a vault boy swinging a baseball bat wearing a batting gear. There are five ranks associated with this level, in rank 1 your melee attack does 20% more damage and chance to un-arm the enemy. In rank 2 this percentage increases to 40% and in rank 5 you will have double power of melee attacks.

    This perk of the chart improves your abilities to craft your armors. The picture of this level shows a vault boy crafting armor. Unlike other levels, it has four ranks each giving access to armor mods available in the game.

    This perk is associated with melee weapons mods, each rank improves your mods and you can improve your melee weapons. In the picture, vault boy is welding his weapon that shows you can enhance your weapons. It has three ranks each giving access to weapon mods.

    Heavy Gunner:
    It gives access to more heavy guns that can give more damage to the enemy. The picture shows a boy carrying a heavy machine gun. There are five ranks in this level, the first one leaves 20% more damage to the enemy. The other four has an increase in this percentage by 20%.

    Strong Back:
    This increases your stamina to carry more weights on your back, Five ranks and each enhances your ability to carry weight and run at more speed. The picture of the level shows a boy carrying heavy boxes on his back.

    Steady Aim:
    This enhances the character's aim. On rank 1 the hip fire accuracy is improved by staying on focus and on rank 2 it is improved. In the picture, the character is holding a gun.

    Four ranks for this level each of it improves the ability to give more damage to the enemy when he bashes with the gun. The character is holding a gun to show his melee with a gun.

    This element of the chart Increases the melee and defense power of the character. Three ranks each increases the damage resistance by 25 percent. In the picture, the character has his legs rooted and he is holding an Axe.

    Pain Train:
    This improves the power of the character when he charges on the enemy while wearing power armor. There are three ranks for this level, and character is charging on enemy wearing power armor.

    P- Perception Training

    It is obvious from the name that this perk enhances the perceptional powers of the character. His awareness is improved for the environment. So, in short, it is associated with the "Sixth Sense" of the character. There are 10 levels in this category named as Pickpocket, Rifleman, Awareness, Locksmith, Demolition Experience, Night Person, Refractor, Sniper, Penetrator, and Conc. Fire.

    E- Endurance

    This category is about the physical fitness of the character, his overall health, and fitness of his body. There are 10 levels for it which are Toughness, Lead Belly, Life Giver, Chem Resistant, Aquaboy, Rad Resistant, Adam Skeleton, Cannibal, Ghoulish, Solar Powered.

    C- Charisma

    This improves your looks, your convincing powers, and enhances your success rate in persuading others. The ten levels are Cap Collector, Lady Killer, L. Wanderer, Attack Dog, Animal Friend, Local Reader, Party boy, Inspirational, W. Whisperer and intimidation.

    Intelligence Training

    It is to improve the intelligence of the player's character, it is also associated with the experience points player earns. Ten levels of Intelligence training are V.A.N.S, Medic, Gun nut, Hacker, Scrapper, Science, Chemist, Robotic Expert, Nuclear Physicist, and Nerd Rage.

    Agility Training

    This improves the agility of your character, his reflexes and his performance when he wants to sneak into different places. Different levels are named Gunslinger, commando, Sneak, Mr. Sandman, Action boy, Moving target, Ninja, Quick hands, Blitz, and Gun Fu.


    The fortune of your character, how often he faces critical circumstances and how much good fortune he has. Like all others, it also has ten levels which are known as Fortune Finder, Scrounger, Bloody Mess, Myst stranger, Idiot savant, Better critical, Critical Banker, Grim Reaper's, Four Leaf Clover, and Ricochet.

    Fallout 4 Map

    Bethesda game studios have released official map for all the cities which are featured in the game. "The Commonwealth" and "Diamond City" are the two cities in the map while there are two cities in Add-on map which are "The Island" and "Nuka World". You can find different items in the map using map search, there is a list of all those items given below. To find the map, click here.

    List of Collectibles
    1. Bobblehead
    2. Holotape
    3. Perk Magazine

    Fallout 4 BOBBLEHEAD

    Bobbleheads are one of the types of collectible which are placed in the game at different locations. This item is very important for the players as it is used to increase the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats in the during by level 1 permanently. Players are very curious about the locations where they are placed as it helps them getting ranks of S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats very quickly as compared to the other collectibles.

    List of Pickups
    1. Fusion Core
    2. Mini Nuke
    3. Nuka-Cola
    4. Nuka Cherry
    5. Power Armor
    6. Weapon
    List of Locations
    1. Building
    2. Camper
    3. Church
    4. Hospital
    5. Factory
    6. Forests
    7. Railroad
    8. Vault. etc



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    Fallout 4 Perk Chart - Fallout Map
    Find detailed information on Fallout Perks in a chart and its detailed map. Fallout 4 is 5th installment to the series of action games by Bethesda Studios.
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